Should Velocity/Mocha react to altered test script?

I am experimenting with Velocity testing and collecting observations, because I am finding it is still very flakey.

One quick question however.

When I edit my Mocha test file, I hear my CPU speed up, and I see in my command line that Meteor has reacted, but the Velocity report in the browser does not change. I have to restart Meteor in order to see a change to a test script. (If I change the code under test however, the Velocity report in the browser does change.)

Is this normal?

Nope, not normal. Meteor 1.4 has introduced some changes to the process signals (from USR2 to SIGHUP I believe), which means we need a new version of Velocity to fix this.

The good news is that, next week Jonas, Mike and I will be fixing a ton of Velocity pain points.

Thanks for your patience.


That stretch week sounds like a great relief. I have begun to think of the blue panel that turns neither red not green, as the BSOFU.