Shouldn't MDG focus on more important things, like

Finding aliens? If life really did arrive to hear on a meteor, perhaps there is more of it somewhere in the void? and what if it’s more intelligent then us?

Many have said “JavaScript is the worst fucking language ever,” but even if it were perfect, would the opportunities created by a JavaScript platform come even close to making alien contact?

I say, if MDG really wants to show the community they care, and to bring back a16z the myth-like 100x return, they need to focus more on this and less on forum debates over features.

Between the funding and talent, I think they are capable of making a dent in the galaxy. Plus, maybe they can hire Elon Musk, I’ve read he has a lot of experience when it comes to space.



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The stuff you’re smoking seems to be good…


Smoking is for beginners :stuck_out_tongue:


Alien discovery, inventing a Javascript alternative and placing a Galaxy server on Mars with Elon’s help are all things I fully expect on MDG’s roadmap. If not I will be deeply disappointed. :rocket:


I’m pretty sure there are a few aliens already posting on these forums :stuck_out_tongue:


Ps Ben please PM me about arrangements for subliminal Meteor Toys ads.


Or they should just work on AI until they hit the singularity and then we can just ask the A-l-I-en to invent the best full stack framework possible.

Some people claim that MDG should focus on a framework that would enable aliens to actually react to our calls. They claim that other systems might force them to set the earth ablaze. Most of the people on this forum seem to be frightened of meteors rather than aliens.


I’m a javascript developer is the functional equivalent of reading Discover magazine then watching Star Trek and claiming you are a particle physicist.

Real scientists would never use such a pedestrian language to contact aliens.

In fact Elixir and Phoenix are based on stolen gallifreyan technology.


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