Show dynamic html in iframe

I have an html file that changes every 15 minutes and copy these file every 15 minutes to the server where my Meteor app is running. I tried to show the content of these thml file in my app on the following way:

<template name="test">
  {{#if isInRole 'admin'}}
    <section id="test">
      <iframe src="dashboard.hmtl"></iframe>

The first time i copied the dashboard.html to the public folder where are also my icons etc… Then i build my app and I can see the content of the html file in the iframe. Then I replace the dashboard.html file in the folder “bundle/programs/web.browser/app” but the content never changes to the newer content of the replaced html file if i refresh my page.
I hope i described clear enough what I want and anybody has an idea how to solve this.
I think I have to reload the file from the server every time somehow and can not replace it in the “bundle/programs/web.browser/app” folder?

The easiest would be to link it from a CDN. For example, push it to AWS S3 and make sure metadata has the right things to prevent cacheing.
Or you could try to deliver it from a local location that doesn’t require a server rebuild. Maybe some ideas here: