Show specific page when application disconnect from server

Hi everyone,
I want to display specific route when my app disconnect from server. For example I want show specific message for one of my app to tell user “Please connect your internet connection”.
Now I add some code to router.js (Router.onBeforeAction() function) like below:

Router.onBeforeAction(function() {

    if (!Meteor.status().connected && this.route.getName() !== "offline") {
    else if (Meteor.status().connected && this.route.getName() == "offline") {

    // loading indicator here
    if(!this.ready()) {
    } else {

It’s seems worked well on web but when I run my app on mobile device (as an android application it shows only my layout)

What is the problem of my code?
Is my solution correct for this problem or you know better way for this functionality?
I’m using Meteor 1.2.1 and Iron-Router.

Thanks for your attention.