Showcase your awesomeness v2


I created, a search and discovery platform for clinical trials. Clinical trial sponsors and research organizations can use it to find each other and to mine for competitive and scientific intelligence.

Its full stack Meteor application. The application is fed by a data aggregation web service using node and express.


We’ve built - An all in one business management platform for freelancers and small teams.


I’ll never turn down an opportunity to promote Meteor Candy :smiley:


There are some very nice projects showcased here! I think showcasing our work with Meteor can highlight the many benefits that Meteor offers. Thank you for sharing your products and keep them coming.


We built, an app for consultants and/or users of sticky notes in creative workshops to help them create a PowerPoint deliverable from pictures of the brown paper. A video of presentation is available. App is in its first version, and we would like to add more possibilities in the future, like export to Trello or Jira…


Wow. Good to see all these projects!!
I built a BI tool which makes it simple to build analytic dashboards on top of mongo aggregations. Dashboards are broken into ‘features’ which can be just about any react component. Also a flexible webform generator which aggregates the database as user completes the form, given the ability to create complex survey trees.
Working pretty well currently, still in closed beta but we currently run about 7 enterprise level clients on it throughout Africa, about 500+ dashboards and 2000+ different mongo aggregations and counting… Currently designing our beta 2, and should be publishing a few articles on it before year end.


Eddtor, my dream text editor - around 300 users and tens of thousands of documents. I use it continuously since i built it - right now I’m translating The Hobbit from latin. Thank you Meteor!


We built Visibook, an appointment scheduling app and platform for people with clients! We currently handle ~150k appointments monthly.


Great stuff here!
We recently launched ENLIVEN, a “personalized digital lifestyle magazine”, with 70/30 revenue share with selected freelance writers, photographers, and stylists. It’s currently running Meteor 1.6 with the awesome VulcanJS stack as well as a slew of complementary microservices and a custom CMS.

We’re starting primarily with Outdoor & Health, Food & Wine, and Gardening categories while we get enough content and followers to get it off the ground. So far most of the content is in Swedish (as we’re based in Stockholm), but we’re hoping to launch more English content (including translated versions of what we’ve already got, to help our writers & photographers reach an international audience), toward the end of the summer. Meanwhile, we’ve got some of the top Swedish talent within those categories on board.

Thanks for checking it out - all comments, criticism and contributions are welcome! :smiley:


Many great project here :smile: who said Meteor is not ready to scale? :rofl:

On my side I builded :meat_on_bone: a site to help you get feedback from your events inspired by the agile method.
And know building a spin-off a site to help you get feedback but you configure the questions and can display real time results on large screens

And as a side project I made TorrentsDuck a seedbox to download torrents with a ftp server cutted in three dockers all in Meteor (sorry not showing the site running it for obvious reasons)

Keep on coding :rocket:


I actually built an app pretty the same to what you built with QRR :smiley:
Unfortunately I never finished it so it didn’t get to production.


I have several projects developed in Meteor live now. To name a few:


I’ve built:

Go Gladys - a person to person non-linear presentation platform.

TDC’s annual Type Competition updated annually, still built with Blaze! And it’s cousin, The Ascenders.

Q Dice A turn based (well really round based) multiplayer kismet like dice game. My new business homepage - currently the smallest Meteor bundle I ever created (hehe) - with SSR!

I’ve also created this starter, and plan to release a few packages, including a more Meteor focused version of React Loadable, and some smaller goodies, like my async proxy.

And last, I’m completely rebuilding a neat social media site on Meteor. Will share when it’s complete.


We have built.

STPPEIFY - a Multi-tenant, multi-lingual(English, Kannada, Tamil) platform built with Blaze Meteor. STPPEIFY is an Intelligent ,Individualistic ,Interactive (3I) Smart tech mobile centric platform that empowers, encourages and enables stakeholders in an Education ecosystem towards all round excellence and effectiveness by leveraging their data in their own language to successfully transform individuals and equip them to deal with social challenges using smart tech, analytics, gamification, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Our product( and company site( also runs on Meteor

Under development are two products that will complement - all being built on meteor - for instant feedback, quiz with instant analytics - Byte sized learning. A content creation platform for trainers and schools.


Type and press enter in my phone, goes a bit nuts. Looks good though!


I echo @SkyRooms and @batist on how good your site looks @jh65592

Reminds me a lot of the design actually. Was this done in-house from scratch? Via some existing templates? (No biggie if you can’t share that info though, all good).


We built a cloud cms which can handle translation into 50 + languages. If you click on the Show Me, you can see the other languages available. The app produces the below artefacts.

You have the choices of an automatic, a human or blended translation, and the output can be video, websites or full workflows. The logic is pretty simple, they are just clones.

Going to beta in a few weeks, would love feedback and can provide login’s etc if people are interested.


I want to share my newly created website here. It’s source code will become an example project / Prove of Concept and entirely open source. It entirely evolves around my experience with software development, but with a very heavy focus on Meteor and will have a lot of articles on how to develop different types of applications using Meteor.

Some details:

  • This website is a super lightweight
  • Its very fast
  • Its not using Mongo
  • It uses articles written in Markdown
  • It uses Preact with Serverside Rendering
  • Its hosted in Heroku using Hostnet as the DNS provider for the domain

Please give any feedback or suggestions on what you want to know, learn or how I can optimize and improve the website even more.

Semantic UI Modal Dimmer Remains After Hiding

We built a Question and Answer application for a robotics organization to gather and answer questions from the community. The backend works much like Stack Overflow, which allows the internal team to develop answers and vote on the best answer to publish to the community.

We built the software in a manner such that it could be used by any group to provide a public FAQ site.



We share our sports platform for coaches and clubs with advanced tools related to their daily work.

We started with Meteor 0.6 long ago :slight_smile:
It is a project that took shape gradually and now it is a commercial reality with more than 1300 customers and a lot of tools.

We would also like your feedback. We never stop updating the platform.

Thank you Meteor!