Showcase your awesomeness v2

This thread is inspired by this one: Showcase your Awesomeness!. But since that one was created back in 2015, I wanted to start a new one.

The point of this thread is to showcase what you have built with Meteor.

I’ll throw mine in there: A text analysis, NLP app. The landing page is just static html, but the app is built in Meteor.

Here is an article that I published that speaks more on the dev process - Medium - freeCodeCamp

What have you all built with Meteor recently?


I built which is a customer relationship management platform. I have 5 clients.

Note: BEAUTIFUL website you have.


We’re still going strong with, a platform for manufacturing companies.

Nice website indeed! (Care to share the designer’s contact details?)


Our Business Simulation games run on Meteor! Used by thousands of students each year to experience what it’s like to run a business.


Just a landing page:
I’m building another website, a big one, hopefully I can post it here soon.


I’m working on Literary Universe, which is a creative writing and publishing app for complex story universes.


We just launched nemms consisting of a landing page (not Meteor) and two Meteor apps: (for the end user) and (for businesses) with a common backend (future plans are to split it into multiple (micro) services).

nemms is just for the German market (for now) as we still need to validate the concept. With nemms one can make a request which is then automatically distributed to local retailers who potentially have the product the user is searching for. The retailer then can accept the request and start a sales conversation.

Hosted on Scalingo


We’ve developed EducationLink ( It’s a platform for the international education industry.

The app has the following functionalities:

  1. CRM
  2. Tasks
  3. Quote generation in PDF (customisable with HTML templates)
  4. Accounting
  5. Course, accommodation and insurance search and booking.
  6. Marketing automation
  7. Xero, Quickbooks, Gmail, Hubspot integration.

We have three apps for agents, providers and students. Each is a different Meteor app. Lambda functions to run some secondary functions and CRON.

We’ve signed up few of the biggest players in the industry and now we are streamlining our onboarding and sales automation using Hubspot.

We use Galaxy, Atlas, Cloudflare, AWS.


We built RadGrad ( using Meteor. Here’s a deployment (running on Galaxy):

We’ve also implemented the UI service for the Open Power Quality project ( in Meteor. Here’s the public instance:

Last but not least, I teach Meteor as part of my software engineering curriculum at the University of Hawaii. Here’s a brief post about my experiences:


Cool thread. I recently opened up early access to my sideproject saas, built with meteor, It’s a bulk email verification service designed to take the pain away from doing email verification. Basically scratching my own itch.


This is a little two man hobby job, but I’m pretty happy with It’s a social scoretracking app for pinball players (~2.5k users) (link is to a landing page, also meteor).

It has ranking, geolocation, image uploads, comments, likes, following, notifications, searching, infinite scrolling of personalized score feeds, user preferences, user groups…

It’s been a great learning experience.


I build/built

It’s on Meteor with React & Apollo with SSR. It has a full custom admin backend, a subscription based roles system and a full custom ecommerce platform as well as the tutorial viewing area of the site.


Thanks to Meteor awesomeness I’ve built a tool to help couples split their expenses.

It’s a Progressive Web App proudly powered by Meteor
Under the hood : Blaze / Mongo / RabbitMq / Facebook Messenger bot / Plaid / WebPush / …

Hosted on a Ubuntu box thanks to PM2


Ehy @jdsplit , 3 or 4 years ago I built based on some principles shared by your app :wink:

It is not longer maintained but me and my friends use it on a day by day basis.

3 Likes (email from beyond the veil) is built entirely with Meteor. We are currently using Blaze templates, but are experimenting with moving to Vue.js instead. The website is a work-in-progress (the email tab isn’t currently wired up so it will throw an error) but you are welcome to create an account and check it out. Comments and bug reports are welcome.



we run farm management system (currently only for czech farmers). Presentation is WordPress, but application is on Meteor/Blaze/Mongo. We also provide farmers with field navigation Android app Agdata NAVI, which is cordova build of web app with some nice plugins (maps, storage,usb) to help tractor drivers be more effective.

Together with various hw products we are able to completely digitalize farm (autonomous gps units, implements and employees BLE tags, lorawan battery powered meteo station and several types of sensors, trackers for livestock, and there are more we are working on).

We also run bunch of various nodejs servers for collecting and processing data from sensors and gps units. Meteor is latest 1.6. but we are really looking forward to update in upcomming days. We started this project 2.5 years ago, and are really happy to choose, after previous project written in meteor, this platform.

Deep thank you to MDG, all contributors and community!


We’ve built MaestroQA ( using Meteor. Our team has been using Meteor since the pre 1.0 days on a couple different products before this one took off.

We’re a small startup in NYC helping companies around the world improve their customer service. We’re also actively hiring so get in touch if you want to help build an awesome company!


I created, a search and discovery platform for clinical trials. Clinical trial sponsors and research organizations can use it to find each other and to mine for competitive and scientific intelligence.

Its full stack Meteor application. The application is fed by a data aggregation web service using node and express.


We’ve built - An all in one business management platform for freelancers and small teams.


I’ll never turn down an opportunity to promote Meteor Candy :smiley: