Showing the progress bar during the conversion of file into another format


I’m making enhancements in existing application, that involves conversion of the .g to .obj file. To make it user friendly, I want to add a progress bar that shows how much percent of the conversion is completed. I have tried using " tomi:upload-server and tomi:upload-jquery " packages but whenever I add them into my application, app stop working.

I also explored and got to know the package “PowerQueue” is also used for this purpose. I tried using it but I think I don’t know the right way to use it so kindly please help me.


<template name="cfsUploader">
    <div class="container">
        <h2> Upload File </h2>
        <p class = "help-text"> Add .g file that you want to upload </p>
        <input type="file" class="form-control" id="fileInput" accept=".g"/>

test.js (Client){
    'change #fileInput': function(event, temp)
     uploadFile(event, temp);

function uploadFile(event, temp)
    FS.Utility.eachFile(event, function(file) {
    var fileId;
    var fsFile = new FS.File(file);
    fsFile.owner = Meteor.userId();
    fsFile.converted = false;
    fsFile.timeUploaded = new Date();
    fsFile.about = "The model " + + " was uploaded on " + fsFile.timeUploaded;
    fsFile.thumbnail = new FS.File();
    fsFile.lovers = [];
    ModelFiles.insert(fsFile,function(err,fileObj) {
        if (err) {
         } else {
        throwNotification( "File Uploaded, and will appear in file manager after it's converted"); 
        Router.go("/description/" +fileObj._id);