Sick of learning react

Hello everyone

Still new here. I’ve been learning meteor for the past few months, but it seems like I’m just learning React more than anything. If I just went back to Blaze what are the huge drawbacks of making apps? What the router to use if not using react router? Also what is the structre of an app like now that react is no longer in the picture. Most of the resources I see are on older versions of meteor. If I’m going to do an app today in 1.6.x meteor, how would I structure it with todays’ best practices.

Have you tried the Blaze version of the Meteor tutorial and the Blaze guides? They are a good starting point to get into Blaze.

For routing, Flow Router is still the most-used router for Blaze apps AFAIK. You can find more information in the routing section of the Meteor Guide.

As for there app structure, there’s not a big difference between React and Blaze. You will have more files in a Blaze app, though, since templates and logic are separated.

One of the major drawbacks of Blaze is that it is somewhat deprecated technology since MDG announced they won’t develop it further and instead handed it over to the community. Many Meteorists have moved to either React, Vue, or Angular since.

Another disadvantage of Blaze is that the code tends to turn into spaghetti over time, where it is hard to determine how all the parts actually fit together. The combination of React and Redux leads to a much better componentization. Add-on packages like ViewModel aim to make this easier in Blaze, too.


We are still using Blaze in our app (and it’s a huge production app). The code is mature and we have not faced any issues. Our plan is to migrate to something else when we stop adding new features.

What Blaze brings is the ability to quickly add and update on the fly in a non-verbose way. We haven’t faced the spaghetti issue thanks to the use of global helpers (for example, we code some logic directly into the template, such as {{#if $or (isSetting "ADMIN") ($eq route "home")}})

And it works pretty well. No complaints … but newer template engines use Incremental or Virtual DOM which reduce flicker (as Blaze DOM is updated as fields change) and streamlines changes at pre-defined refresh intervals. Maybe Vue or Marko – we’ll see.

I’ll recommend to stay with Blaze for first few projects. You’ll get confidence and some expertise on Meteor and then later you can learn and start React.

React is better than blaze, however it need some efforts and Blaze is not bad at all.

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