Side strip with Meteoric

Hi guys,

I’ve been trying to play around with Meteoric but I noticed something and I can’t find the reason.
In this image you can see a “greyish” strip on the right side

This strip also appears in this demo (Meteor Hunt) but not in the Contacts demo. I’ve been following the code in the Contacts demo and I still get that strip.
How/Why does it appear and how can I remove it/fill it with a background color?

Thank you in advance :wink:

Looks like a scroll bar. Check your CSS code.

My CSS code is just like the Contacts demo…

It’s a scroll bar. I’ve just loaded the demo on in my browser. If you don’t want a scroll bar there, check the CSS overflow rules and modify them for that specific element.

A good way to fix this is to use overflow-y: auto; as opposed to overflow-y: scroll.

The reason it looks odd to you is because there is nothing to scroll through there. However, that element’s purpose is for scrolling, clearly visible in the demo. Better yet - it is likely that you wouldn’t see that scroll bar on mobile devices.