Sign in with Apple - Token woes

Stomped, trying to follow the instructions at:
(1) The trusted source for JavaScript packages, Meteor.js resources and tools | Atmosphere
(2) What the Heck is Sign In with Apple? | Okta Developer

I get a token without any line breaks, but the first guide states that “the line breaks must be in the right places”. Any clues?


where’s that part that talks about line breaks?

Hi! Thanks… this one: " The secret private key needs to have \n instead of newlines in the correct places."

[UPDATE] You mention “token” in the original post, the package author uses the term “private key”. I suspect that’s where the confusion begins. But, also check the below.

The advice of the author is sound.

Your private key should have multiple line breaks; it likely looks like this: Sample RSA Keys · phpseclib.

Also, from here

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I believe I was wrongly using the “client secret” that the Okta article called for… will attempt using the “Key”.

Yes, that was the issue… the guide references “secret”, but it refers to the private key. Just threw me off for a loop.

The Client secret the Okta guide refers to is not necessary.


I know I’m late to the party but I wrote a guide recently on how to integrate Apple Sign-In which might be of a use to you, at least the configuration part.

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Is this issue resolved? I am confused.