Sikka trigger on localhost

@arunoda, I encountered something weird twice or so with my app. So I tried out Sikka, and while developing locally, Sikka managed to get triggered. Now I’m using about 2-3 windows open (using different accounts to test out) with my Meteor app. Here’s the message Meteor threw:

Sikka: IP Blocked.
Sikka: Closing current connection [ID here]

Does this mean that if one opens more windows than necessary, but is only using one login account, there’ll be a chance I’ll get flagged? Or this only happens if I use multiple (different) accounts with the app and have them all logged in on a single machine?

We filter based on the IP. Once you verified the connection, it stores a
cookie. And it used to verify.

In the next version, regardless of directly blocking we will have
throttling functionality as well. Which prevent sudden loads when deploying
a new version and cases like this.

Stay tuned for the next version for these kind of features and monitoring.

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Ah nice! As for the throttling functionality, are you working on something similar to server side throttling as well, like zeroasterisk’s meteor-throttle?

It’s on server side. But build into the DDP level with the input from Sikka.

You won’t be able to control it from the code.

Our future plan is to build a standalone firewall for Meteor. That’s why we don’t allow to control sikka from code.

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