Simpel Game with meteor

I have an ideer for a simpel game.

Its for children:
I want to make a list of eg. 3 words in a string like “howtocode”.
The child then have to find where to split the string to 3 words “how to code” it have to work on both touch and desktop devices (they have to touch/slide between the characters to select where to split word)
The child then go to the next string and so on. up to eg. 20 strings and get an final score screen .

Is that posible with meteor?

Meteor can do this.

How I would do it:

Most of the work happens on the client. The client is responsible for converting the pseudo code that user writes to something meaningful, in this case that would be a result string.

When user is done writing code, user clicks submit. The submit button is then wired up to a method, which also passes the result string to the server. The server matches the incoming string with the correct result and spits out a boolean.

If response is true, client moves on to the next challenge. If not, client should figure what went wrong and maybe give user some hints. Server shouldn’t have to deal with telling why, that’s just wasted bandwidth and cpu cycles.