Simple addictive interactive game to demo Meteor with

So I’m sitting in a React intro workshop and three hours in, we’ve only built a comments submission form. Client-only. And the instructor is a sharp guy. Now we have 40 minutes left to build a single-player game.

Anyway, in the same vein as the discussion around Most impressive features of Meteor to show in demos, what would be a neat multiplayer game that can be built with Meteor in under an hour (minus the CSS, that can be handwaved)?

We know how the content of the demo helps a lot to show off the technology, so a catchy, addictive game would be best!

Maybe a drawing game like pictionary using SVG? Could probably be done in an hour.

I don’t have an idea for a game, but to wow people, maybe packaged for meteor by Robert Lowe, could help?

meteor add robertlowe:meteor-phaser

some example code: (I’m still working on it…) = function() {
	// put all the phaserjs stuff in here for the game

	// this example comes from:


	var deltaX = 0;
	var deltaY = 0;

	var platforms;
	var mines;
	var player;

	var game = new Phaser.Game(
                        preload: preload,
			create: create,
			update: update

function preload() {

		//game.load.image('sky', 'images/sky.png');
		game.load.image('ground', 'images/platform.png');
		// game.load.image('star', 'images/star.png');
		// game.load.spritesheet('dude', 'images/dude.png', 32, 48);

		// see:
		// need more frames in sprite though - but this worked.
		// so - get total image size width x height.
		// OSS.bmp is 288 wide x 64 pixels high, and has 7 images
		// over two rows - so... 64 pixels high means each image
		// is 32 pixels high. It is 288 pixels wide, and there
		// are 4 images across, so each is 72 pixels wide (288 / 4)


Wasn’t there a cards-against-humanity type game that was done a couple years ago in the early days of Meteor?

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Hey, @dandv, perhaps some arcanoid-like game would be easy to build and simple to play?
Add some real-time multiplayer, for ex. few people could be controlling the pad reflecting few balls (don’t know how to call it) and others could be massively patching the broken bricks (i.e. it requires 10 people to click a broken brick space for a brick to reappear).

It’s like a crashers vs. masons team arcanoid game. :slight_smile:

For meteor launch, I created a workshop, in 30 mn, people create a “minecraft” like virtual world.

It’s based on an amazing old SF devshop talk.

(it’s in french but look at the code, you’ll understand)

It’s really cool because, people read and copy/paste so they create something very quickly. In the end, they connect their client on the central server so every client see the same world (and not the local server) and can interact with.

But the very very cool part is that they can continue to tweak the example.

For example, one team added an amazing feature. they took picture with the camera and then generates blocks of the color of the picture (take a look at the first screenshot on the url above). Another one added a function to generate spheres, random color and so on. It’s very playful.

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This is awesome! I originally did that talk last January, glad it’s still floating around! All of the extra features are really cool - is there a repo somewhere with a finished version to play around with?

Hi all,

I wrote this simple game for my HS web programming class as a part of a series of small apps to learn the basics of Meteor. They loved it:


In a short period of time, they had clicked nearly 12,000 times, generating this graph:

clicks vs. time

For what it’s worth, they were able to piece this together pretty easily following some videos I made.

Hope this helps!


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your talk was really excellent, a real meteor wow effect.

we didn’t keep track of version made by users so no repo :confused: