Simple Explanation: Deploy Meteor to Heroku + MongoDB Atlas


Hey guys,

I decided to deploy my app to Heroku using MongoDB Atlas’ free tier as my database (it is enough for my requirements). Unfortunately, this task has become a nightmare of confusing and outdated instructions, weird configurations and general doubts about “what comes first”.

For this reason, I am here asking for help… could someone please give me a beginner-friendly, step-by-step explanation of what I have to do?

Right now, I have a Heroku account and a MongoDB Atlas account. On Atlas, I have created a cluster, set up and Admin user and white-labeled my IP. I haven’t connected anything yet. On the Heroku CLI, I did:

> heroku apps:create myappname
> heroku buildpacks:set https:/

How do I continue? Thanks!


If you manage to get your local Meteor app to run then it should alao work with Heroku and buildpack horse. I’m hosting on Heroku too and followed exactly the instructions on the readme. I’m also using the sandbox mongo atlas tier.

Where exactly do you get stuck?