Simple:rest question

I am using simple:rest to allow exchange of information (json) between a python script and meteor.
I have installed simple rest and I am publishing a collection as :

Meteor.publish(‘uploadedfiles’, function() {
return MyFiles.find({uploaded:1} );

I have set in server (since this is a hobbyist - learning application) the following as well

insert: function () {
    return true;

remove: function (){
    return true;    

update: function() {
    return true;    


and I have removed auto-publish and insecure as well.

I have a working GET with:


I cannot though successfully implement delete , patch etc.
I am using the details from here

but triggering a DELETE //<_id>
like :


does not have any effect.
I am using robomongo to view the database and chrome arc to fire the DELETE HTTP method.

Any ideas on what I may be missing (probably has to do something with security ) are highly appreciated.

Many thanks for reading.