Simple schema - multi selection with saving selection order, HOW?

Hello Guys ,

I have been looking around for couple of days on how to figure out a multi-selection with saving the selection order
i am using simple schema + quickform


Saving the selection order of what exactly?

well I have list for example [1,2,3] …and i select [2,3,1] , the problem is i am getting the list sorted [1,2,3] … while i want them the same order i chose [2,3,1]


You might have to skip quick form for this one and add your own event listeners.

I’d keep track of the selected items in an array that you update when one is selected or deselected, that way you can preserve the order

well the issue is that i am using a complex form, for that reason i am using a quickform …
i hope i can find a solution within the quickform