Simple-schema & redux-form or yup or formsy or formal for react

Anyone have recommendation on simple-schema forms and form validation?

I’m considering using yup & react-formal…
or maybe formsy & formsy-react-components…

translating the simple-schema into a the other desired format/schema, and using “reacty” tools.

Anyone have experience with these tools? Want to suggest alternatives? Want to suggest approaches? Want to collaborate on the approach?

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I’m also curious to see what other people use for forms with react and simple schema.

Ok - I have not found a solution yet, so I started to make my own… this really could become a janky react autoform alternative… right now it’s just a draft, but it is rendering a formsy form with the basics from a simple-schema schema…

Still a lot to do. See the README for basic roadmap. Collaborators and PRs requested!!!

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Also in search of a good solution. Found redux-form. Will try it in the coming days.
If you use redux. Then this could be good. Also taking a look at your repo. Seems cool.


Yep - I’m also hacking away at it and JUST finally got things working well…

Here’s a npm to convert simple-schema into a validate function for redux-form

And here’s a gist of Container > Page > ReduxForm(Component)

Note: the handlers are tricky and took a while to get right (for me), see comments in gist.

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Here is a new React forms package build using simple-schema.


@skirunman that looks very promising. I’m making a bootstrap4 UI version version to play with it. I could use a little help making my FormField wrapper work though… can you help me out a bit? (zeroasterisk on G+Hangout)

@zeroasterisk I’m not the developer. Looks like you have opened a couple of issues with Vazco so I’m sure they will get back to you on github.

Just an update, while housecleaning…

I did indeed adopt uniforms and have been super-happy. It’s very robust at this point and versatile, no meteor/redux/mobx lockin, but integrable with all of those, and the right amount of automagic & customization.

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