Simple-terms explanation of steps to host to galaxy?

The only development I’ve ever done before is using the sharepoint framework to create custom sharpeoint web parts, and also creating pwoerapps using sharepoint lists as a database.

I’ve created a very primitive version of an app using Meteor. I want to upload it live so the product owner can see progress. I’m learning as i go here, and I am already lost at step 1 of This guide, because i wouldn’t even begin to know which cluster i would need, or anything. And now it seems like i need to pay $60/mo to host my database, then upload the app itself to Galaxy, which really uses AWS (i think?) so then i have to pay aws their monthly costs…

so i guess i’m looking for the programmers steps involved in hosting a Meteor App with Galaxy, but also the financial aspects.

This is a small business application. There will NEVER be more than 20 people using the app at any one time. But it does need to be cloud-based.