Simple Todos - Step 2 - Blank Demo

So i’m diving into meteor and starting with the simple todos app.
I’m on step two and have created the three new files and deleted main.js.
All the new files are in the correct folders.
However, the demo at http://localhost:3000/ is still blank!

Any help is appreciated.


Some more information would be useful. I assume you are using the Blaze tutorial? Presumably after doing meteor create you ran it up and had the simple click a button app working ok?

Are you getting any errors in your terminal window? Are there any javascript errors in your browser console - usually there will be something there to give you a clue


Hi! thanks for your help!

No errors in the terminal window. Not javascript errors in the console, it’s blank.
And the click a button app was working fine!
Here is the terminal window.

oh - and i’m using this tutorial:

Make sure your browser isn’t running uBlock or similar

You are running meteor in your terminal window?

So, after you’ve done the meteor npm install ... you then start meteor running?

hi @pal - yeah i had adblock, but just disabled it.
But still nothing.

got it working!
i was using the React tutorial but I should have been using the blaze tutorial!

I have the same exact issue. I’m using react also. I’m confused and perhaps ignorant, but - why would there be a React tutorial if it is not going to work?

Here a solution:
Meteor React Tutorial Step 2 did not work

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