Simulate a delay when loading new items from collection


I would like to simulate a delay every time there is new stuff being put into the mongodb and loaded into my template.
The idee is that there is a stream of content being feed to de mongodb which is not constant. So with the “delay” I would like to make it look like it’s constant.

Here’s my code:

	image_stream() {
		return full_URI.find({$or: [{"text" : {$regex: /.jpg$/} }, {"text" : {$regex: /.jpeg$/}}, {"text" : {$regex: /.png$/}}, {"text" : {$regex: /.gif$/}}]}, { sort: { createdAt: -1}, limit: 1 });

	<div id="image_history">
		{{#each image_history}}
		{{> image}}


<template name="image">
	<div id="{{_id}}" class="image {{extension}}" link="{{text}}">
		<img src="{{text}}">
		<div id="tab">EYE Observed Images</div>
		<div class="information">
			<span class="date">{{formatDate createdAt}}</span>
			<span class="connection">{{text}}</span>
			<span class="spacer"></span>
			<span class="extension">{{extension}}</span>			

Any help would be appreciated!