Since today Embedly shutdown their free plan I have built an alternative!

Hii everybody :slight_smile:

So here is the deal, today the 17 April Embedly shutdown their free plan so it took the oppurtunity and I have built an alternative! For people who wants a good affordable alternative to Embedly and don’t want to use the lame free plan (100 requests per month) and you don’t want to change any code, you can get the same service at low price $99 per year instead of paying $99 per month on our platform:

Built with Meteor :wink:


Good job that was fast! Did you start development after Embedly’s announcement?

Getting an error on this page:

I could not find where Embedly’s free plan was only 100 requests per month. It says unlimited cards for the free plan.

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thanks :slight_smile: good catch
fixed & deployed (in 30 seconds from now)

That’s interesting. I didn’t get any update from Embedly about this. Still using the free service with no problem.

What html content processing algorithm do you use? There are multiple node / c libraries and scientific studies out there that fetch and process webpage content, but they are not as good as Embedly or other paid service.
For example Pocket is far more accurate than Embedly, but their algorithm is closed source (as is Embedly’s)

So price isn’t everything. Accuracy is as important and there’s no proof of that on your site.

And how does your service perform compared to Embedly on these points?

Fast. Embedly uses several techniques to accelerate the embedding process:

Caching: The first time we see a URL, we store its contents in our
cache so that repeated requests can be processed immediately. We invalidate
the cache at least once every 12-24 hours.
Parallel processing: Once we’ve resolved the initial URL, we perform
the API calls, image parsing, and malware detection in parallel.
Batch processing: Send up to 10 URLs at a time to Embedly, and we’ll
process them all in parallel.


2 weeks before the 17 April

Spent 50 hours working on it :slight_smile: