Single directory, multiple apps - meteor package management

Hey all,

I’m in a situation where I’ve got multiple smaller apps all being developed & deployed out the of the same folder, controlled by a high-level script and JSON files for settings and so forth. This has worked out nicely so far for sharing code in a single repo.

What I don’t have at the moment is a way to control which apps require which meteor packages. Since they’re all sharing a single .meteor directory, I could do this by having my high-level script do something like write -meteor-packages to .meteor/packages, yes, but I’d like to avoid this kind of thing if possible.

Anyone have any ideas?

I noticed “meteor run” has something called --extra-packages which allows you to add packages just for running your dev server, but for “deploy” this is not an option. Otherwise this would have been another option to consider.

Thanks a lot!