Single Sign on / Auth-Integration between meteor, ghost and discourse

I was working on a web project where we are using 3 platforms together. Ghost for blogging, Discourse for forum and a custom meteor app. What I want is, that user registers through one of these platforms and is then able to log in on another platforms without signing up.

Will oAuth be useful here ? If yes, how?
Is there any other way, I can accomplish this?

I see that oAuth is supported by ghost but I am not sure how is it useful in this scenario.

I have very limited knowledge on this topic, so any educational resources in layman terms that I can read or watch would be a great help.

Thanks :smile:

Hi, I’m sorry to bring back this old topic but have you find a solution to this ?
I’m also trying to use ghost for blogging with my meteor app and would be really interested to have one only place to signup.
I would like to be able to switch between my ghost blog or meteor app with same login, using roles to allow poeple to blog or not. thus the user would not even notice that these are two separate platforms.


Is there any update in this thread.