Sip.js asking for wss://

I’m using sip.js and it needs a wss:// url.

What should I put as the wsServer?

here is example initialization code

var userAgent = new SIP.UA({
  uri: '',
  wsServers: ['wss://'],
  authorizationUser: '',
  password: ''

oh neat I was actually looking at using this library recently (please note I have not actually used this library so all this is vague familiarity and speculation).

The architecture I was planning on implementing was to have the user agents connect to an application server which would proxy to the appropriate PBX. Is that the sort of architecture you were looking into?
if so then I think you would need to set up a new wss connection as meteor’s DDP has a series of handlers for each frame received (unless you wrapped each frame and told DDP how to route it, but I would expect that to get pretty messy)