Sites hosted on the testing server, have they been wiped?

Hi, I’m part of a community of volunteers who create positive social action projects around the world. Both our web guys have been taking a break recently and I’m not a great web developer (meteor is currently too complicated for me).

We had three projects being built in meteor, but as I’m not involved in the technical side of things I missed the notice that the server was being shut down.

We put a lot of work into them and It’d set our homelessness, and troubled youth projects back massively if they’ve gone. Is there any way to recover them?

You could reach out to @marktrang - but a deployed Meteor app will be of marginal use - it’s all concatenated and minified, so there’s no “source” code.

Your developers should have the source code laying about somewhere on their machines and/or github, bitbucket, gitlab or whatever they use to help them with source code hosting.
Deployed meteor apps wouldn’t help you a whole lot if you actually wanted to continue developing instead of only hosting them as they are now, forever.

So get in touch with your developers, ask for access to the source code. Nothing we can do for you that could replace that step.

Correct - unfortunately, both the free hosting infrastructure as well as the Mongo database hosting have been completely shutdown.