Skip web.browser.legacy build?

There is some way to avoid web.browser.legacy build?

It kind of slows me down on development and I’m 100% sure about my users browser, it’s a ad-hoc webapp.
Or maybe just enabling it on the final release not during development?


The next release will defer the legacy build - i.e. it’ll push the “modern” development build to the browser first and only then the legacy version gets built.

The next release is nearly ready. The release candidate is pretty stable, I suggest you try it out:

meteor update --release 1.7.1-rc.5

It reduced my client build times by 60%

Just make sure to do a git commit beforehand so you can rollback in case you do get issues

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Alright, thanks. Actually I was facing meteor/issues/9957 then moving straight to 1.7.1-beta.10 gave me back decent build times.

For those living on the edge:
As of the time writing, there is a PR which will bring this feature into Meteor 1.10.x: