Slack-sdk : a Meteor package to use in order to build a Slack App


Hi everybody,

I just released a new package lc3t35:slack-sdk because the existing ones were outdated and not using Slack’s node-slack-sdk.

How to install :

meteor add lc3t35:slack-sdk

How to run tests

meteor test-packages lc3t35:slack-sdk/

Please submit issues on github

This is the first step of a new tutorial : “How to build an awesome Slack App with Meteor”.
Does it sound interesting for you ?
How much are you willing to pay for that ?


Dear reader, would you please answer this questions in this topic :

  • Are you already using Slack ? If yes, with which app ? If no, why ?
  • Which kind of integration do you think is missing ?
  • Did you already wrote a bot for Slack ?
    Thank you.


Don’t have a use-case for it at the moment, but integrating Meteor with Slack is definitely interesting. I’m a heavy Slack user, mainly for communications and not for bot integration. But let me think about it :slight_smile:


I’ve written two integrations with Meteor & Slack, one using node-slack-sdk for RTM stuff, and the other just using HTTP calls and slack hooks.

I think a tutorial would be cool, but with the direction MDG/Meteor is moving in, I’m not sure an atmosphere package makes sense?


Here is an article which gives you 3 good reasons why you should publish a Slack App (built with meteor of course)

If you want to express your interest in such a tutorial, click here and give it a try. Thank you.