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Hey all - I don’t post a ton, but wanted to mention I’m launching an app I built using Meteor called this Tuesday. It lets you create editable visualizations (mind-maps, etc) using natural language via ChatGPT. It’s pretty magical. Would love to hear your feedback. If interested, please consider “being notified” for the product hunt launch.

Anyway. I’m super grateful for the Meteor community over all the years. I was one of the earliest adopters, choosing Meteor way back in 2012 for a pretty ambitious education app. That led to me becoming one of the early “Vanguard” members – any of you still around? Those were the days we had sessions at the MDG headquarters in SF. I hung out with Matt, Goeff, Avital, a bunch of others. Arunoda joined us via video chat from Sri Lanka. I spoke at a couple of the Meteor gatherings there almost a decade ago now. Wow, time. Anyway. Slatebox has been a side project of mine for so long, and I just wanted to shout out to the community – thanks so much for persisting, and I’m so grateful for Tiny’s involvement and the bright, fibers-free future that Meteor has ahead :slight_smile:


Congrats. Your website looks great.
I’m going to launch my side project in next few months (hopefully) which uses Meteor and React / React Native.


Congrats :heart:

Good luck tomorrow.

2 Likes looks amazing. May I ask how you implemented the transfer to diagrams like mindmaps? Is this already something ChatGPT can do, or did you have to train your own models for this?


Hi! So I was able to join the openai api (chatgpt responses) with a variety of other tools to provide the smarts to convert the raw text emitted by ChatGPT to mind-maps and other visualizations. Because ChatGPT is not spatially that smart, but obviously very smart regarding prose and natural language, I had to combine it with other tooling to produce a “visual AI” like Slatebox. Glad you like it! Selfishly, I’m asking people to check out my launch on product hunt for a review and more: ) Thanks for the kind words.


Thanks for sharing these insights. Super interesting!

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LOL was designing a very similar use case for mind map creation.

This is fantastic. Great use of GPT. I suspect we’ll see more and more stuff like this and kudos to you for jumping on this and making it real.

Did you play around with having GPT write tests or code?

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Hi Drollins - I have not done much in the way of testing or coding with ChatGPT yet…so. many. possibilities. It’s truly crazy.

Really wonderful - can see this being so useful for teachers in primary or middle school. I just plugged in a random concept I remembered from history lessons at school, and boom, a ready-made presentation to discuss with children: Slatebox - Visualize Everything

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thank you! if you know of any teachers that could use this tool for their classrooms for free, ping me at tim AT and I can provide you with a discount code for them to use it for free.