Slingshot file upload to S3 : "error : failed to upload file to cloud storage [-0]"

Hello Everyone,
Migrated from cfs:s3 to slingshot as there were some issues. Basically I am doing bulk upload of around 250 images. But some images are failing and throwing error : failed to upload file to cloud storage [-0 ]. I have no idea why it is so. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Did you ever figure this out? Having a similar issue (but very sporadic, only 1 in 100ish files fails - I haven’t found a pattern yet).

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Didn’t got any solution so finally switched to ostrio:meteor-files.

Any feedback on Meteor-Files? Thanks for the tip and reply!

ostrio:meteor-files it is a good package, images are not failing plus one can get controls over events like onUpload, before upload and also progressbar etc.

Cheers for the tip. Might have to bite the bullet and refactor this - I keep getting sporadic errors with files. I can’t see a pattern and the error message is very unhelpful.

I too am having this issue. Please message me if you find a solution. I will continue to hunt.

No solution yet. I’ve been trying evaporatejs as a replacement:

The issue I’m having with evaporate is that it freezes up the UI while an upload is happening (something Slingshot does not do).

In terms of what is causing the Slingshot error, I have found a pattern - in every reported case of this error, one or more of the following factors are at play:

  1. Multiple file uploads simultaneously
  2. Slow internet speed
  3. Very large file

Meteor-files package I did not look at as it does not seem to support uploads directly to S3 (and I do not wish the server bogged down by being the middle man for uploads).

@hemalr87 @sburke0708 did you guys find a solution for this? Also getting sporadic errors.

Ended up moving to Evaporate JS…


Okay, I decided to rip everything out and start again using this package, and I’m very happy with the result:

Only thing I had to tweak to get it to work was make the adjustments in this pull request: