Slow Data Fetching in Production


The problem I am having is VERY VERY slow data loading over time. After < 1 day of uptime, it takes about 2 minutes to load a subscription which is just a count of <2000 items. Doing a manual application restart (Azure) immediately fixes this and the count loads instantly. This problem persists across the whole application, I was just using the count portion as an example.

At first I thought this was a potential memory leak. But my understanding is that if this were true, I would have a rather large Heap Stack in Chrome Dev Tools. However, when the application is at its’ slowest, I am only getting a ~30mb heap stack size, which is about the same as the application when running at its’ fastest.

Any help, suggestions, tips, or anything is greatly appreciated as I have been at this for some time now.



This sounds to me like it could be an issue with cursor observers not being stopped.


Is this a Meteor issue or a Mongo issue with where I am hosting my database?


It would be a meteor issue. Either subscriptions that never stop, or you (or a package) are using the low level publish api in conjunction with a cursor observers and the observers are never stopped.


Is there anyway I can check if I have any observers that are not stopped? I don’t think I have any subscriptions that never stop as mongol shows that all subscriptions are dropping on page navigation.