Slow Pub/Sub with simulation issues

I have a pub that wraps and external API. Client subs the external api pub. There is a ‘ACTIVATE’ button they can push to activate a billing method. Button calls an update method that updates the collection. The pub updates the external api. Simulation runs and updates the client collection. Button changes to ‘DEACTIVATE’ as expected. This is where the issue comes in. The external api takes some time to return with the updated doc. Within 100-200ms of the button turning to ‘DEACTIVATE’ it will flip back to ‘ACTIVATE’ and then 500ms latter back to ‘DEACTIVATE’ where it should be assuming there were no issues with the external api.

I’m sure I could come up with some hacky solution to deal with this in the client but wondering if there is a way to tell the simulation/client collection that the pub is slow and to not update quite as often? Thus, giving the pub/external api more time to complete it’s updates.