Slow restart performance for cordova projects

We’re running 4 projects in a staging environment two use cordova, and two do not. Since updating to 1.7 I’ve noticed that both the cordova projects take between 5-7 minutes to start the server after each deployment (the non-cordova projects start within seconds) - the staging environment exactly matches our production environment, with the exception that it isn’t load balanced, and we don’t use MUP to deploy (we just run the node script directly). Similarly, the four projects are each ran in an identical way, with almost identical settings (including mongo URLs).

A little debugging shows that the code runs immediately (console.log at the top level) but the Meteor.startup calls take a long time to run. For example “Kadira: Successfully connected” takes longer than 5 minutes to show up, and as soon as it does the app accepts connections.

What could be causing slowness in app restarts, specifically for cordova apps?

Ignore this :frowning: I used the METEOR_PROFILE=1 setting and found that in both projects that used cordova, I also used DNS resolution for the mongo servers. Why DNS resolution took so long I have no idea. Changing to IP addresses fixed the problem.