Slow SSR Build React/Apollo

I’m using Meteor with React / Apollo and have the site fully SSR’d. In dev, the builds can be very slow, 30 - 40 seconds. This is obviously a big bummer. I’m on METEOR@ with the latest MacBook Pro. I was wondering if there were any smart ways to just avoid SSR builds and use just client side rendering in a dev in environment to speed up this build time. OR it would be great to have faster SSR builds.


I’ve switched to using a meteor/grapqhl back-end for ease-of-use and the account system but CRA on the front-end. Specifically, a CRA+apollo+styled-components (which points to the meteor backend). I can share a repo if you PM me. That won’t help you with SSR though.

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Here’s a tasty treat: VulcanJS

We do SSR and I’d say it’s pretty normal build times for a meteor project. Although, maybe I don’t understand what a “SSR build” is?

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Although Vulcan is awesome, moving the platform there isn’t really viable. As far as an SSR build goes, I’m referring to the process of rebuilding and restarting the server on every minor change like updating a styled component. When I wasn’t doing SSR at all, rebuild times were way faster because it was just rebuilding the client. Basically I’m looking to conditionally turn off SSR and server rebuilds in a dev env. I’m missing things like HRM and quick builds since moving to SSR.

Oh yeah, definitely get that. What do you think about server-side HMR as the solution to this? It’s possible with webpack so I think it should be possible with Meteor. I’ve also been curious about this in the past.

Def something that would help out tremendously. I’ve been going as far as looking at Webpack solutions for Meteor (although there doesn’t seem to be a modern working solution there).