Slow support turnaround on Galaxy

I’ve been using Galaxy for a short while now, and I wanted to just openly discuss some points here (mostly because I couldn’t think of a better place to do so).

First off, the whole experience so far has been excellent. The apps I’ve been running on Galaxy are fast, stable, the UI is clean and usable. No complaints there!

The only thing that I’m wondering about is support. Turnaround time on questions is pretty slow (2-3 days, sometimes longer). This makes me wonder, if I bump up my app to high availability mode (3 x 1GB containers) which runs me $150/mo, will I get better support? Because at that rate, I’d certainly expect a quicker turnaround on tickets! But maybe Galaxy is still undergoing some growing pains, and it’ll get to that point soon, I don’t know.

I’ve been unable to get a solid answer on my question about high-availability mode, which is this: why does the RAM size matter? Wouldn’t 3 x 512MB containers have the same fallback capabilities as 3 x 1GB?

Anyone else have thoughts or different experiences?