Slow UI on Android only in last 10 days

We have an app that’s still on Meteor 2.7.3 and over the last 10 days or so the UI has become very laggy with long delays between screen presses registering and it’s virtually unusable. We’ve had reports from users on Android 11 and 13 as well as on different Android tablets but only for some users and no reports from iOS users.

We deployed what should be an unrelated update to our code about 2 weeks ago but a customer on an earlier version is also now reporting the slow down and we can’t reproduce it locally.

Wondering if anyone else is experiencing something similar or has any insights? We’re also wondering if it might be a remote device administration tool that’s slowing things down because it’s only happening to some users but on different Android versions, different devices, and different versions of our app. Any thoughts appreciated!

First, you need to know what is happening. Install a client APM to have a better view of what is happening

Thanks for the suggestion. We do use MontiAPM but aren’t seeing any obvious new client errors in our traffic. Any thoughts on what to look at/for more specifically?

Check if what is slow is the backend method calls or the client events.

Also check if methods are called multiple times. There might be loops causing lag. Check for memory leaks.

You don’t have to look for errors in your APM. What you have to check is the duration of events resulting to lag

Is this same issue?

We’ve recently re-deployed and our issue persists so it appears to be unrelated to a 1-2 week slowdown like you’re describing.

We’ve been unable to reproduce the issue ourselves on similar hardware but it only seems to be affecting Samsung Tablets (which is what most of our Android customers use, iOS is unaffected as far as we are aware) and the whole app appears to be slowing down - even things like spinner animations are pausing and it appears to be unrelated to server load or long running events.

Rolling back and updating the Android System WebView appears to have no effect.