Slowest publication is current user?

Hi there,

According to my Kadira Publications Breakdown, the below subscription/publication has the slowest response time (500ms - 1s). It also happens to be the most-subscribed.

The publication accomplishes the same thing as Meteor.user(), but allows me to access fields that aren’t made public by default, including a registered_email field. I would have expected this to be one of the quicker subscriptions, but the opposite seems to be true. For context, there are ~2,300 users.

This is the subscription.

getMeteorData() { 
    var data = {}
    var handle = Meteor.subscribe('current-user') 
    if (Meteor.user() && handle.ready()) {
        data.user = Meteor.user()
    return data             

This is the publication.

Meteor.publish('current-user', function publishFunction(query) {
    return Meteor.users.find(
        {_id: this.userId},

The collection is indexed by _id (as is default). Is it normal for it to be one of the slowest queries? As I said, I’d have expected this to be one of the fastest.