Smart Home framework in Meteor


I’m thinking of developing a smart home framework in Meteor, and I’m wondering if anyone here knows of any smart home/IoT projects in Meteor or using MongoDB.

A house would have its own MongoDB (either local or remote) with lots of sensors, IoT devices, and apps connected to it.

Each sensor wouldn’t necessarily have to run Meteor (it would just have to be able to write to MongoDB somehow). Connected IoT devices (a lamp, a device to feed the cat, etc.) would be controlled through apps interacting with the database. Users would be able to add apps developed by the community or create their own, and Meteor would make the applications easy to create and reactive by nature.

The framework would be developed over 6 months as part of an open project at my school École 42.

Any thoughts are welcome!


I don’t know about any “home framework”, however I don’t think Meteor would be the best choice to go on that kind of project.

Meteor would simply be the supported framework used to create apps (including the admin app). Technically any application that can connect to Mongo would be able to be used.

What other development framework would you suggest?

I’m not a programmer at a level where I’d know whether Meteor is good for this or not but I, learning Meteor and how simple it is for novices, would love to see a project like this that will/might have packages for Meteor apps to talk to devices! Are you aware of AllJoyn? I think their aim to to create a common infrastructure for IoT devices from different manufacturers to work seamlessly under ‘one roof.’

All the best and looking forward to seeing how this develops.

@mokolodi1 there has already been some work on this. See this:
His company

and the recent meteor hackathon winner in the IOT section :smile:

and finally another hackathon entry, kinda similar to thingStudio.

IoThingies Meteor Hackathon demo - YouTube

Also check this out, a way to run meteor on armv7 boards such as raspberry pi,

This should get you started.


type meteor mqtt in google …
did you see : IoT Realtime Telemetry Dashboard

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You should take a look at Node-RED.

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Absolutely!!! Node-Red could be the BPM for Meteor in some way. I love it!