So... Every time I compile.. i see this annoying notification in terminal about METEOR_PACKAGE_DIRS

This is the exact message…

For compatibility, the PACKAGE_DIRS environment variable is deprecated and will
be removed in a future Meteor release.
Developers should now use METEOR_PACKAGE_DIRS and Windows projects should now
use a semi-colon (:wink: to separate paths.

I would like to make this message go away. Note… please please please do not tell me that I

“should now use METEOR_PACKAGE_DIRS instead of”…

I know that… I can read.

I’ve looked around… and everyone talks about why the changed needs to me be made… but it appears no one can describe how to actually make the change.

Help? Please?

This message would only show up if you actually set the PACKAGE_DIRS variable in your environment. The procedure to change its name name depends on the OS you are using. Which OS are you on?


Right… so the problem was my lack of Linux/MacOS/nano/terminal and env variable awareness. I didn’t realise I had added the PACKAGE_DIRS variable to my PATH variable, back in the day when I initially configured for Meteor.

Anyway, this wouldn’t have mattered if finder would have found the “PACAKAGE_DIRS” string effectively. No luck even when searching system files. Anyway, I ended up following these instructions and editing my .bash_profile using Nano. Fun-times.