So I wonder if I should buy a Mac


Which OSX tools/apps Meteor developers love and use?
I mean software like: terminals, editors, tools, apps, everything what could be cool in your workflow.
In your opinion, what makes a Mac OS better workspace in context of javascript (Meteor) dev?

I will only add that I am a happy user of ElementaryOS ( ) which will be always with me, but it could have a companion :wink:


There is a discussion if you have missed it.


I saw that topic. I rather think of other useful apps. My editor of choice will not change, it will be still Sublime :wink:


@juliancwirko neither a mac nor a windows system is in no way as powerful/flexible as a linux system. Elementary is also very elegant, but that left aside, you will not get that kind of flexibility and wide variety of choice that you do have now from a mac.

That being said, macs are really good hardware, macosx is really productive once you accept its terms (I mean c’mon steve jobs (rip) was as arrogant a bastard enough to say that we were holding our (sexy as hell) iphones wrong!!!).

The reason you should buy a mac is you’d want to do serious osx/ios development. You theoretically can do it without a mac, but practically, you just can not.

I know a lot of people who have bought their macs and set up dual boot to (primarily) ubuntu soon afterwards.

But, if you are not customizing, trying out a lot of apps etc on your elementary, you actually might feel at home with macosx because elementary’s original design roots and decisions align a lot with that of macosx’s.


Just keep in mind that if you have a PC background, you will have difficulties adapting to the mac keyboard.
The french mac keyboard require you to hit three (three !) keys simultaneously to enter a { or a [… pretty much a No No for serious JS programming.
No del key. No home/end keys on laptops.
After trying my wife’s macbook air, this was a real deal braker for me.
I ended with a high end Fujitsu with a SSD and 16GB ram (useful for webstorm when you open two projects at once) with Win 7 replaced by Ubuntu, and i see no reason to touch the mac anymore.


Just so you know, you can order macs in various keyboard configurations, so if your main reason for using a macbook is for JS development, you could simply go for a configuration which has the best keyboard layout.


Yep, i also considered ordering a QWERTY (US) keyboard, but then, how do i write emails in french to my Mummy ? :wink:


I work at MDG and I’m very happy with my MacBook pro. It has a good balance of popular software that you can’t find on Linux and all of the developer tools you can’t get easily on windows.


I’ve been using a MBP since 2008 and highly recommend it for web development. Originally dual-booted Windows but now just use OSX. Hardware is amazing quality, best windows laptop I ever tried. I’m on to a new model but my 2008 MBP is still in use at the house after years of daily professional use. OSX feels like the Linux desktop that I always wanted.

Here are some Mac apps/command line tools I find useful (sorry, on mobile so no links):

  • iterm2
  • Macvim
  • shiftit (handy window placement like win7)
  • right zoom (sane ‘maximize’ behavior)
  • quiterss
  • ios simulator (part of xcode)
  • homebrew (for installing open source stuff)
  • ag (the silver searcher)
  • libreOffice
  • Inkscape (vector drawing)