So Many Inactive Web Apps That Used Meteor


Hi I’m really excited with the prospect of using Meteor, it looks great! Before I got started working with it I thought I’d take a look around and see which startups have already been successful using Meteor as their platform.

I came across this list of a few apps that used Meteor:

Half of them are now inactive and I’m just wondering why so many projects started but now cease to exist? This was a little bit alarming for me because Meteor looks great.

Can anybody point out some large web applications using Meteor? I’d just like to see what it is actually capable of before I start to migrate my current web service over to it.

Thanks, Nick


Because most startups fail :wink:

Mosts posts are around 2014 so let’s say one year ago at least. That can be a long time in startup terms.

On the Meteor website you can find some more recent cases: