So..What's the plan for google group migration?

Good to see meteor adopting discourse. So what’s the plan for migrating old posts. I know there are many good posts lying in the google group which will help someone later.

I found the below links for google groups migration.

No definitive answers but some attempts are being made.

I must admit that personally I am not too keen on bringing over the old content. While there may be several gems hidden, there is also a lot of outdated information there and I am not convinced that users would limit their search to when there is Google :wink:
I would think that Google search will turn up results from both places so I’d do quite alright without bringing over the communities history into Discourse.


there where a lot of outOfDate and spam posts to
i would prefere if we just restart or import some topics by hand if someone really wants to.

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I am also in favor of not migrating the google groups discussions but rather go for a clean start. Would help a bit to keep out lots of pre-1.0 technical information, which is just not relevant any more.

+1 for not migrating :slight_smile:

The important stuff will resurface again.

I don’t think it is worth it to migrate. If there are topics that people want to readdress, you can simply repost them and start a brand new discussion. :smile:

I prefer not migrating too :smiley:

I don’t plan to migrate anything. We’ll keep the forums around as a searchable archive, of course. That part of Google still works pretty well.


I think, let’s keep them there.
If we need to continue a discussion, let’s start it here by mentioning the URL for the original post on Google Groups. (or may be with some summary)


I agree with this from a cultural standpoint. You should jettison old, outdated content that is only going to confuse people. For what it’s worth I regularly delete old topics on meta.discourse that no longer reflect where we are with the code at all.

I also agree with it from a technical standpoint, it turns out Google Groups is really really hard to export in any sane way:

Not sure if that’s intentional on Google’s part, but man. Being reduced to screen scraping using a headless browser is rough.