Social Network using javascript and meteor

First off, Im not a coder. understand how everything works and have had social networking communities since 2000. I am currently using a script called phpfox.

Im wanting to do something new and was told to check out javascript and meteor. Im a bit nervous to have a script coded from scratch with a relatively new coding language as Ive been using ready made scripts.

I have a few questions and maybe I can get some help.

  1. are there any social networking scripts I can buy that are javascript/meteor?
  2. should I go from php to javascript? Pros and cons. Is this a good option? Is the performance better?
  3. If I hire a coder is javascript easier to code, making it more affordable?

I have more questions but dont want to be too annoying here. I want a site that has member profiles, video uploads, cam chatroom, activity feeds etc. Any help ( even beyond my questions ) would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Take a look at:

This is an almost impossible question to answer without more information; the devil is in the details. One thing to mention however - If you’re using PHP and you’re happy with it, why change? That’s the first question to answer.

Coding in JS or PHP can be both easy and/or hard; it really depends on what’s being built (and the developers skill level). The same goes for developer prices - you can pay a little or a lot, depending on the developers skill level and the amount of development work you want done.

All of the above being said, you should DEFINITELY switch to Meteor. :slight_smile:

thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. Im not really happy with php and want to have something thats the future that I can expand on.

Can a site coded in meteor have graphics etc that look like a polished site?

Yes - I think it would help to read over the content on, taking a look at the Case Studies section in particular.

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