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I wanted to take a minute to let everyone know that I’ve finally deployed the Socialize Demo. It still has quite a ways to go as far as features and functionality, but I think it’s at a good point for a demo.

Hopefully it will generate enough interest that pull requests will flow freely and possibly even inspire the creation of many other apps using these packages.

In the near future plans include a mobile demo utilizing recent changes that allow for inclusion of the socialize packages in React Native applications, as well as several additional packages for other common social features. Stay tuned :slight_smile:


Great work @copleykj! we’ve a news feed in our app and we’re interesting in incorporating socialize and hopefully contribute to it in the future.

Is it possible to increment the libraries incrementally, say we only need the comment or the presence part, what are the minimum set of packages we’ll need to get started?

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There are several layers of packages in the set, all the way from the foundational such as base-model to functionality packages such as likeable and commentable, to high level packages such as feed or friendships which build upon the lower level packages to create a high level feature. All the packages are currently incremented as independently as possible, but of course there is a dependency tree to consider so updates to some will also increment higher level packages to keep them aligned.

As far as the minimum set, it would all depend on what you are looking to create. For a news feed you may wish to use the feed package which works in a very general way and comes with certain functionality. In that case you just need that package. You may however want functionality more specific to your app and choose to create your own feed using the lower level packages which feed is built on.


Thanks for the quick response! I like how granular the packages are and how the base modal is wrapping the collection and exposing methods.

We’ll play more with the packages and try to get it integrated with our existing source. Once again, thank you @copleykj for the contribution to the community :slight_smile:


Work is progressing in the devel branch at if anyone wants to join in on making the demo really awesome :grinning:.

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Recent updates to the demo include

  • loading indicators
  • status indicator on user avatars
  • post and comment deletion
  • minor bug fixes

Another day, another update :laughing:. This time around I’ve made things more mobile friendly. If you viewed the demo with a mobile device previously, it was pretty trashed… It’s much more usable now. Give it a test and let me know what you think.