Socialize Package Set v1 Release Announcment


It gives me great pleasure to announce the v1 release of the Socialize packages. This release represents the MVP for the set, with more updates and improvements than I can count, and some functionality factored into separate packages to facilitate better modularity and extensibility. Many thanks go out to @storyteller for his contributions and efforts in bring this release to fruition.

One of the most notable features in this release is the optional Redis Oplog integration. Every package in the set that can make use of the redis-oplog package, does so through collection level configured namespaces, but only if the redis-oplog is installed and configured within your app. Many thanks go out to @diaconutheodor for all his hard work making this possible.

For those not familiar, Socialize packages enable you to build plug and play social features into your Meteor app. Each and every package is built to be modular and extensible so that you add only the packages you need, and you can add custom functionality to them from within your app code when necessary. From the packages you should be able to build just about any type of social app you can imagine.
Now that we’ve reached this milestone I’m looking forward to expanding and improving upon the set with a host of new higher level packages to ease the development of even more social features. The following is a loose roadmap of new packages I would like to add to the set in the coming months.

Follow package to complement the current friendships package since not all relationships have to be bi-directional. This package is close to completion.
Voteable package similar to the likeable package, but with upvotes and downvotes. Another package that is nearly complete at this point.
Cloudinary package for simple file upload integration. Several cloudinay packageas for Meteor exist already, however none of them hold up to my standards. This package is also almost finished.
Photos package which can be easily used in conjunction with the cloudinary package. This package will also implement the commentable and likeable packages to allow for this functionality as well.
Albums package which builds upon the photos package to allow facebook style photo albums.
Groups package for forming segregated conversations around certain topics.
Event Listings package for planning events and bringing people together around them.
Notifications package, because what would a realtime social network be without them?

Hopefully everyone will take this release and go forth and build some awesome stuff. If you do, please share what you have created as I’d love to know.


P.S. :smile:
For anyone upgrading from beta versions of the pakages, @storyteller has written an upgrade guide at to help ease your suffering.


Great stuff @copleykj !


This looks so awesome! Might consider using it for Sounds Social. Are there any projects that use thos packages right now?


Currently I know of 2 projects using the packages in produciton.

First is @storyteller’s Literary Universe which uses most, if not all the of the higher level packages as well as builds upon some of the lower level packages for features within the app.

The other one is Classcraft, which from what I gather uses a modified version of the socialize:user-presence package.

I’m sure there are others as well, but none that I have been informed of. Truly I would have probably never known about Classcraft if they hadn’t had an issue with the server-presence package that user-presence depends on :grin:. Hopefully this changes though and people build great things and let me know about them.


nice to see you still rolling updates @copleykj. I drifted off to express-apollo-React native world. But I do keep tabs on meteor still. :smiley: Hope you have been well. The socialize packages helped me tremendously in my first ever meteor app 3 years back. Was a blast to use the packages.