Socket IO chat not working with load Balancer AWS (multiple instances)


I recently integrated basic chat functionality including Socket IO.

It’s working fine when I am using this with only one instance but while attaching 2 instances to the Application load balancer it just doesn’t work.

Also, I checked for Stickness, & Enabled it but that only reduces the error logs coming in the console. Is there anyone who has worked on a similar issue, Please help.

Please help.

Did you solve the problem…If you did, please share the solution.


This is what we did.

We used one of the two instances & then run the same app on a different port of the same instance, bind that Ip address with some other domain & replaced the connection URL while connecting to the server at the client level.

In a way, there would be no handshake conflict if there is only one socket server running. I hope this helps!

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