Sockjs spurious 502 errors

Every now and then I get bursts of sockjs problems for urls like /sockjs/079/dvurozqa/xhr and /sockjs/info?cb=0pwwi5p6oi - my app returns 502 errors.

Does anyone have any idea what could be behind these errors? The sockjs version bundled with meteor is quite old (> 5 years) and I don’t even know if there’s anyone still around that understand its use in Meteor.

mini-rant that you don’t have to reply to :slight_smile:
Oh how I wish meteor would move away from websockets to some technology that the rest of the world uses, e.g. classic http.

Lots of frameworks use websockets - it’s an open standard for a reason. It also has several large advantages over classic http - there are things that can be done with websockets that would be significantly more clunky, or even not possible using classic http.

That being said, you can use the DISABLE_WEBSOCKETS=1 environment variable to disable websockets if you don’t want/need them

I don’t think I follow you - is there really a way to have meteor DDP use something other than websockets?
Anyway, I wasn’t really trying to seek out all the defenders of websockets, just trying to get some help for errors in the existing implementation.

Set DISABLE_WEBSOCKETS=1 in your environment variables to disable websockets.

I have absolutely no idea why you want to do this, but you do you.