Soft CSS refresh not happening

In the good old times, before I updated to 2.1 (I know, I’m still behind), any changes I made in the CSS was directly visible on the webpage (dev mode) and any changes to another files (js or HTML) triggered a reload. Now it does not, I have to manually reload the page after each change. For js/html, that’s okay, but with CSS it is annoying since the webpages’ state is changing.

Anyone know why this is (not) happening?

Hi @ralof, before the update, which version of Meteor were you using?

1.6.2 (or close)
But I did update through steps, fixing all broken stuff between each version.
Now I’m stuck at 2.1, cannot get through the ‘MongoServerSelectionError’ error I get from 2.2 and above

We introduced the HMR (Hot Module Replacement) on v2.0
you can check the changelog here Changelog | Meteor API Docs - if you followed the steps correctly, it should be working fine. No one has reported any problems with it.
Which node and npm version are you using?

Have you checked this thread about MongoServerSelectionError?

Thank you. I tried the HMR + blaze hot, they install but they don’t actually do anything.
I suspect there is something hidden deeper in my system (it is very big) because I also discover that publish is not really sensing changes in the db and I still have the problem updating to 2.2 and above in the thread you mention (it was created by me).

I don’t get any errors, but I still have to reload the page after each code change.

Does this MongoServerSelectionError error only happen locally?

No, I have tried to deploy it on two servers previously running the old server, using meter’s mongo, a localhost server and a Mongo Cloud instance. I’ve tried various combinations of useUnifiedTopology useNewUrlParser parameters. I’ve checked that the mongo packages are the rigth versions, etcetera :slight_smile: