Software for locally installment should be provided

Not everyone can use online installment freely, my net speed is very slow, so if I can get the software and install it locally, it would be much better

install meteor via npm install -g meteor, it seems concise, but it takes the user lot of time to solve the problems

Hi @hitbuyi, do you use Windows? Do you mean like an exe to install Meteor?

Maybe could be a cool idea. The best way to request a new feature is to open a discussion here: Discussions · meteor/meteor · GitHub.

Make sure to explain why this is important. There we as a community can discuss the best way of implementing this and how impactful it would be.

If more people upvote this, it can become our priority.

You can link this topic there as well.

Honestly if you try running a server distribution like FreeBSD or Gentoo, writing any C or C++ or doing anything that needs actual compilation, comparatively speaking Meteor is a walk in the park. It really doesn’t take a lot of time to install and is one command, or at most a handful to get node on the box also.

yes,I use it on windows, if meteor.exe is provided to install it, it’s simple, simple is better

sorry, I took two day to install it actually, for a linux user, it is easy, but its support to windows is weak,lots of pitfalls, I apologize for it

That sucks man sorry to hear that. You could run Linux in docker within a couple minutes and just have it virtualized inside your windows machine. Very easy to setup. Then anything Linux will be available to you.

Hey buddy, my computer was bought ten year ago, and had limit disk space, I had head docker would take more disk space, so docker would be the last resort, anyway I would have a try.


It’s small enough to install on a usb stick that costs $3 in Walmart buddy.