Solid - Performant Frontend Library

I found this library interesting, it has a similar syntax to React (hooks) but claims to be extremely performant.

I wonder if anyone here has experience using it and any thoughts on a potential integration with Meteor.

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Thanks for sharing. Just heard about it the second time now. Solid has familiar syntax/features with React, no doubt.
So many UI libraries distracting me these days. :smiley:

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Yeah we’re seeing the second generation of UI libraries already.

React -> Solid
Vue -> Svelte

No v-dom, highly optimized etc.


You’re right, but most will likely be learning pads with little or no adoption by the frontend community. React, Vue and Svelte are really improving performance with each release. Currently, we won’t be using Svelte for any real project, since we already use React and Vue in various projects because of their huge community support and packages. In our opinion, most of these UI libraries are distracting for growing teams and will likely die off naturally after the buzz, for lack of real integration and community adoption. It’s like trying to build another while pitching Facebook as a competitor - I bet you won’t win the war. React/Vue both have solid communities and packages, tutorials and getting started guides, youtube videos etc. Solid is solid in its own right, and has lots of work and convincing to do - Svelte recently just made to the list.


Yeah, they’re technical interesting and perhaps useful for certain use cases but surely the ecosystems behind React/Vue are very established now.

With that said, I do think optimizing the JS execution for is good for low-end mobile devices and faster load time, so I welcome the competition.

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Ah ah…I found this: Why SolidJS: Do we need another JS UI Library? on by the author of SolidJS UI library himself Ryan Carniato

Here’s also the Solid Implementation of the Realworld Example App

Yeah I read that.

The way I see it is that React opened the way to implementing web components (via JS framework as a opposed to the browser) so that was a major step forward. The frameworks after React are just optimizing in DX and speed, but they are all building on React innovation of the web components implementation, previously the tech industry was waiting for the browsers to implement the web components standards which took forever.

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