[SOLVED] [1.3] meteor test command gets stuck doing | \ - / | for 20mins+

I am trying to upgrade my large (77k sloc) Meteor 1.2 project to 1.3, but am stuck on working out what to do with the 260+ Velocity sanjo:jasmine server integration tests. But the first problem I seem to have is simply running the meteor test command within my project. When I run it, the first thing I see in the console is a repeating sequence of |-/| for about 20 minutes, only then do I see the

[[[[[ Tests ]]]]]

=> Started proxy.
=> Started MongoDB. 

Then it starts building & linking (takes a few minutes). Every time I ctrl+C and re-run meteor test, the same thing happens, which means my productivity in actually trying to work on how to migrate the tests is zero.

Does anyone out there have any idea what meteor is doing for 20 mins every time I run meteor test?


  1. The application is a mix of app-level and 1.2 - package - level code.
  2. The application does not use 1.3 modules / imports (I added a imports/jasmine/server/integration folder, copying the structure from the meteor-jasmine test-app here.
  3. The full command line I am using is : meteor test --settings settings.json --port 9000 --driver-package sanjo:jasmine --full-app
  4. When I run the application using meteor --settings settings.json, it starts building almost immediately … no |-/| spinning line.
  5. The project is upgraded to 1.3.2
  6. Same thing happens if use --full-app or not.

I would be incredibly grateful to anyone who could suggest lines of enquiry… I have not come across any one else reporting this startup problem.

I think testing is broken in 1.3.2. There is already a fix for the upcoming release. So use Meteor 1.3 for now.

Thanks for the tip. Downgraded to 1.3, tried again. Still get the spinning wheel for 20 mins before the meteor build [[[[[ Tests ]]]]] appears. But, the reloads after that are noticeably quicker than for 1.2 (in my app on 1.3, of the order of 13 secs). And I managed to get copies of a couple of the simple jasmine server integration tests working from https://github.com/xolvio/meteor-jasmine/tree/master/test-app.

So progress, of sorts … looks I will be making lots of cups of tea whilst waiting for the initial build to start… just wish someone could shed light on what meteor test is up to for 20 mins before the main meteor build kicks in.


Well, tracked down the problem by poking around in the meteor code, specifically to here:

It turns out that the .meteor/local/bundler-cache folder in my application was 32Gb big!!! Had files going back months. Deleted it, re-ran meteor test and the build kicked in immediately.

It would be jolly useful to have some logging output around those copyDirIntoTestRunnerApp calls one at a time … ‘Copying 34 files into .meteor/local/bundler-cache’ etc I would have spotted it immediately. Phew.